Tuesday, June 3, 2008

$4.00 Gallon Gas?

My Son who is only 27 years of age can officially say that he remembers the days of .89 cent a gallon gas, wow! That was only 9 years ago!

Unfortunately, it appears as though high gas prices are here to stay. Why do I say they are here to stay? Mostly because our leaders (Can we really call them leaders? They are more like "TICKS" that are stuck on the butt of the US economy) in Washington are doing nothing to alleviate them. Ok ok, here are the real reasons gas prices are outrageous:

-The last refinery we built in America was over 30 years ago.

-Slick Willie vetoed a bill in the mid-90's to allow drilling in ANWR; in addition, to all the other
resources we haven't been allowed to tap. Instead, we are letting all other countries search for
and go after all of our US coastal drilling.

-China and India are 3rd world countries that are developing into civilizations that are demanding more of the world's energy.

Who are we to blame for this uncommon sense way of going after our very own resources and becoming independent from relying on foreign enenmies energy? I blame the liberal agenda, which includes the EPA, Green Peace, and all the liberal politicians in Washington. We are letting a small minority of people dictate how we run our energy programs. The way these people think is literally insane. Watching them usher the "Big Oil Execs" in front of the Nation last week and blame them for this crisis was uterally shameful. The "Big Oil Execs" want to drill and expand new forms of energy, but Congress won't let them! There is so much red tape and idiodic thinking prohibiting them from exploration that there is no wonder why we are paying $4 per gallon at the pump. It makes a person wonder if high gas prices are all apart of the Liberals plan to Socialize America?

The ripple effect from these gas prices is finally taking it's toll on common American households. Over 1,000 trucking companies have closed there doors, GM has announced that they are shutting down 4 trucks plants and might even be dropping the Hummer from it's line as they convert to smaller more gas efficient vehicles. The last few auctions I have attended I have seen the prices of SUV's and Trucks bottoming out and the prices of econo-cars go up over 25%. Airlines are now charging $15 per bag on all flights, not including the increase in ticket prices. With the rise in gas prices we have already seen the price of food, clothes, and all other products on the store shelves go up.

So what is the tipping point were we finally say enough is enough? Is it $5, $6, or $10? At what point does our economy stop working because of the high prices? When will we finally demand that the weasels in Washington do something that actually makes a difference? I say we do it today, we let them know what the people want! Just like we did when we stood up to them over the illegal immigration issue!

Here is a website put forth by Newt Gingrich that is asking people to sign a petition that will be presented to Congress. It's called "Drill here, Drill now, Pay less"! Go to www.americansolutions.com/drillnow and sign the petition and also take the opportunity to send a "Friendly" letter to your local representative about how you really feel. Over 500,000 people have already signed this and there goal is 20 Million, do your part!